Taxi Game 2


Taxi Game 2

Taxi Game 2 is a video game released by Eve City. Taxi Game 2 is a 3D Taxi Simulator game. The player has to pick up customers and take them to their destination. There are many features that make Taxi Game 2 more realistic and fun, such as a the fact that the player can listen to the radio, or go to the bathroom. There are also various obstacles that the player must avoid, such as cars, other taxis, and pedestrians.


The gameplay is composed of three parts. The first part is driving the taxi to pick up a passenger and take them to their destination. The second part is picking up passengers and taking them to their destination, and the third part is driving the taxi in various conditions such as rain and hail. Taxi game 2 has three main features. The first is taxi driving, which involves driving around picking up passengers and dropping them off at their destination. The second is customizing the taxi, which involves purchasing upgrades for the taxi. The third is privateer-like gameplay, which involves picking up passengers like in the first feature, but is more difficult and requires constant attention to passengers needs.


The graphics are 3D, and capable of running at a 1080p resolution. The graphics are crisp and realistic, which make the game more enjoyable. The graphics are very simplistic and easy to navigate. The game has a good color scheme, and the city is easy to navigate. The cars are also easy to identify due to their color.


The replayability of Taxi Game 2 is relatively high. There are an infinite number of levels, and the player also has the option to create their own levels.


  • Taxi game 2 is free to download
  • It has a nice color scheme
  • The game is easy to play
  • There are many taxis to choose from, and all of them are customizable
  • The game is easy to navigate
  • There are a variety of upgrades to purchase for the taxi.
  • It is easy to play


  • The game does not have much replayability
  • It only has one city
  • The game is a little difficult
  • The game is not very challenging
  • The game does not have much content


Taxi Game 2 is an amazing game that I would recommend to anyone. It is very fun and simple. The 3D graphics and realistic environment make the game more enjoyable. There are many realistic features such as the fact that the player can use the bathroom, and also listen to music. Taxi Game 2 is free to download. I rate it a 10/10.