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Minecraft is a survival video game that was created by Swedish game designer Markus Persson and later developed by Mojang. Minecraft was released in 2011. The game was originally created as a sandbox game (a game where the player is set free to do anything he or she wishes, with no restrictions) and is one of the most popular games of all time.


In Minecraft, the player is free to do anything he or she wishes. The player can build a house, farm, explore the world, or fight monsters. The player is given a blocky world and can dig around, find resources, and use those resources to build whatever they want. There is no story to the game, but that doesn't make it any less fun. Minecraft has a very open-ended gameplay. The game starts by asking the player what their goals are. From there, they can choose to make their own goals, or follow the goal of making a shelter. Once they have completed that goal, they may begin exploring the world around them. The player can find a variety of resources while exploring the world, such as wood, stone, coal, iron, and gold.


Minecraft is a 2D game where the player can build in 3D. The game is made of cubes and it is the player's job to make the cubes into what they want them to be like. The graphics are pixelated, but that doesn't make the game any less fun. Minecraft is by far the most aesthetically pleasing game I have ever seen. It has been designed to work with blocks, and the different textures and colors of the blocks create a really neat effect.


Minecraft is a game that is always open to a player. Once a player has completed the game, he or she can continue to explore the world or build new things. Minecraft is a game that is highly replayable. The player can continue to explore and build, or they can try to complete a new goal such as finding diamonds or making a farm.


  • Minecraft is a sandbox game where the player has free reign
  • Minecraft is open-ended and never gets old
  • Minecraft has a lot of replayability


  • Minecraft is a 2D game
  • Minecraft graphics are pixelated
  • Minecraft is not a great game for children
  • Some people find Minecraft to be very addictive
  • Minecraft may lead to the development of mental disorders


Minecraft is a sandbox game where the player is given free reign over the world. It is open-ended and has a lot of replayability. Minecraft has a lot of pros and a few cons. I recommend Minecraft to anyone who likes sandbox games, because it is by far the best sandbox game of all time.

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