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FullyRaw by Kristina

FullyRaw by Kristina is a popular recipe app available on the App Store. With a focus on health and fitness, this app offers a variety of recipes, blog posts, and videos for people who want to eat a fully raw vegan diet. FullyRaw by Kristina is a website that provides readers with recipes, videos, and articles about a raw vegan lifestyle. The website provides information on how to eat a raw vegan diet, how to live a healthier lifestyle, and what tools are needed for the raw food diet. FullyRaw by Kristina is an app that provides recipes, meal plans, and shopping lists. The app has been designed to provide the easiest way to lose weight and have a healthy lifestyle.


FullyRaw by Kristina offers a variety of features. The app provides a free membership and is available on iOS, Android, and Amazon. It has about 1,500 articles, recipes, and videos, in addition to a full library of downloadable raw vegan recipes. Users can browse the library of articles by category, create a new recipe, or search for a keyword. When browsing the library, users can view related articles and recipes, as well as how many servings the recipe makes and the time it takes to prepare the recipe.

FullyRaw by Kristina has a variety of features that make it one of a kind. Firstly, the app provides a range of meal plans that are designed to be followed for a certain number of days, so that users will have the motivation to complete them. Secondly, it has a shopping list that is created for each meal plan, that will help the user find the ingredients they need. The app also provides a comprehensive recipe library that has a number of recipes that consist of a number to make or a certain number of calories.

Furthermore, the app provides educational information about healthy living and weight loss, and provides support in the form of a community.


The design of FullyRaw by Kristina is very simple, and very easy to use. The app is very well-organized, and all of the information is easy to find.

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FullyRaw by Kristina is the perfect app for anyone looking to adopt a fully raw vegan diet. It has a large library of recipes, articles, and videos that are easy to find and use. The app is also very well-organized, making it easy to find the desired content.


  • The app is free to use
  • The app has a variety of recipes and articles
  • The app is very well-organized
  • The app has recipes for every meal of the day
  • The app is available on iOS, Android, and Amazon
  • The app is made to be very easy to use, which is helpful for people new to the app


  • The app is only available on iOS, Android, and Amazon
  • The app only offers a free membership


FullyRaw by Kristina is an app for anyone looking to follow a fully raw vegan diet. It is the perfect app for people who want to lose weight, feel healthy, and have an overall healthy lifestyle.