Master the Rift with these Top Clash Team Comps in LoL Season 13 – Updated to Patch 13.9

Emmett Whitfield

01 May 2023

Master the Rift with these Top Clash Team Comps in LoL Season 13 – Updated to Patch 13.9

As we dive into the world of competitive Clash in League of Legends Season 13, it's essential to know which team compositions are currently dominating the Rift. With Patch 13.9 bringing new changes and updates, we've gathered the best Clash team comps for you to try out and lead your team to victory. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer looking to make an impact, these setups will help you conquer your opponents and claim the coveted MSI Cup.

1. Jinx Carry Comp (Front-to-Back)

For teams with a strong ADC player who can dish out massive damage while staying safe, this composition revolves around Jinx as your main carry.

Ideal Champs and Substitutions:

Ideal Champs and Substitutions:
- Top: Ornn / Malphite
- Jungle: Jarvan IV / Zac
- Mid: Orianna / Lulu
- ADC: Jinx
- Support: Thresh / Leona

This composition excels in front-to-back team fights, with tanks like Ornn or Malphite soaking up damage on the front line while Jinx tears through enemy champions from a safe distance. The CC-heavy engage from Jarvan IV or Zac combined with the utility of Orianna or Lulu ensures that your main carry remains protected throughout each skirmish.

Jinx Carry Comp League of Legends Season 13

2. The Kite Back comp

If your team prefers a more controlled approach to fights, opting for a kite back composition can be highly effective. This setup relies on disengage tools and ranged poke damage to whittle down opponents before committing to an all-in fight.

Ideal Champs and Substitutions:
- Top: Gnar / Jayce
- Jungle: Nidalee / Graves
- Mid: Azir / Corki
- ADC: Ezreal / Varus
- Support: Janna / Nami

The Kite Back comp excels at slowly chipping away at the enemy team's health, forcing them to engage at a disadvantage or risk being poked out. Gnar and Jayce provide strong poke and disengage from the top lane, while Nidalee and Graves offer jungle pressure and additional poke. Azir and Corki in mid lane control the pace of fights with their ranged damage, while Ezreal or Varus as ADC ensures consistent damage output. Finally, Janna or Nami provides the necessary peel to keep your carries safe.The Kite Back comp League of Legends Season 13


3. Kog'Maw comp

For teams that can play around a hypercarry, the Kog'Maw comp focuses on enabling your ADC to become an unstoppable force in the late game.

Ideal Champs and Substitutions:
- Top: Shen / Ornn
- Jungle: Sejuani / Amumu
- Mid: Lulu / Karma
- ADC: Kog'Maw
- Support: Braum / Tahm Kench

Weaknesses – Really weak early on

This composition is designed to provide maximum protection for Kog'Maw as he scales into a late-game monster. Shen or Ornn offers global presence or teamfight utility from top lane, while Sejuani or Amumu provides CC-heavy engage from the jungle. Lulu or Karma serves as a supportive mid laner to further boost Kog'Maw's power, with Braum or Tahm Kench acting as a steadfast guardian in the support role.

League of Legends Season 13 Kog'Maw

4. Pick Comp with backline access

If your team excels at catching opponents off-guard with swift picks and assassinations, this composition will help you isolate targets for quick eliminations.

Good Champs and Substitutions:
- Top: Camille / Fiora
- Jungle: Elise / Lee Sin
- Mid: LeBlanc / Twisted Fate
- ADC: Kai'Sa / Xayah
- Support: Rakan / Nautilus

This comp thrives on applying pressure through roaming and flanking plays, capitalizing on enemy missteps to gain advantages. Camille or Fiora can split-push and collapse onto unsuspecting targets from top lane, while Elise or Lee Sin offers strong early-game ganks from the jungle. LeBlanc or Twisted Fate brings burst damage and map presence in mid lane, with Kai'Sa or Xayah providing consistent damage as ADC. Rakan or Nautilus serves as the primary engage and disengage tool in the support role.

Pick Comp League of Legends Season 13

5. The Global Pressure Comp

For teams that enjoy controlling the map through global abilities and cross-map plays, this composition is perfect for creating an oppressive presence across all lanes.

Great Champs and Substitutions:
- Top: Shen / Gangplank
- Jungle: Nocturne / Karthus
- Mid: Twisted Fate / Galio
- ADC: Ashe / Jhin
- Support: Tahm Kench / Bard

This setup excels in creating advantages through coordinated cross-map plays and objective control. Shen or Gangplank grants global presence from top lane, while Nocturne or Karthus applies pressure with their ultimates from the jungle. Twisted Fate or Galio brings additional global pressure in mid lane, with Ashe or Jhin offering long-range initiation as ADC. Tahm Kench or Bard provides further map control and roaming potential in the support role.

The Global Pressure Comp League of Legends Season 13

6. Splitpush Comp

If your team prefers a 1-3-1 split push strategy to apply constant pressure across all lanes while avoiding full-on team fights, this composition is ideal for you.

Perfect Champs and Substitutions:
- Top: Fiora / Camille
- Jungle: Rek'Sai / Nidalee
- Mid: Zed / Talon
- ADC: Sivir / Caitlyn
- Support: Shen / Bard

In this comp, Fiora or Camille acts as a strong split push threat in the top lane, while Zed or Talon applies pressure in mid lane. Sivir or Caitlyn provides wave clear and objective control as ADC, with Rek'Sai or Nidalee offering jungle pressure and map control. Shen or Bard serves as the support to enable rotations and protect your carries.

With these team compositions in mind, you'll be well-equipped to dominate the Rift during Clash in Season 13! Remember that communication and synergy are key factors to success – adapt your strategies to suit your team's strengths and preferences. Now, it's time to rally your teammates and claim victory in the MSI Cup!