Meta Gears Up for Mid-July Launch of Twitter Competitor App P92

Emmett Whitfield

27 Jun 2023

Meta Gears Up for Mid-July Launch of Twitter Competitor App P92

While it's unclear whether Twitter's usage is actually increasing, Meta is preparing to enter the social media battleground with its soon-to-be-released Twitter competitor app, currently known as P92 or Threads. The app is set to launch in mid-July, with plans to capitalize on user unrest caused by recent changes at Twitter following Elon Musk's takeover.

According to Alex Heath's Command Line newsletter, P92 will be a real-time text app built on Instagram's network graph. The app will be promoted within Instagram, providing it with a massive distribution source on day one, and users will be able to autofill their Instagram account info to quickly get started. Meta aims to reach tens of millions of users within the first few months of the app's public release, potentially posing a significant threat to Twitter's current user base of around 250 million active users.

It's worth noting that Musk has previously claimed that up to 20% of Twitter profiles are bots, suggesting that the platform's actual user stats may be inflated. However, since taking ownership of Twitter, Musk's focus on this issue seems to have diminished, and the platform has reportedly added many millions of human users. If these numbers are to be believed, Twitter has seen an impressive growth rate over the last six months, although skepticism surrounds these claims.

Regardless of the veracity of Twitter's user growth claims, Instagram's P92 app could still pose a real threat to the platform. With a mid-July launch date fast approaching, Meta's new app will soon enter the social media market, potentially disrupting the status quo and providing users with an alternative text-based communication platform. It remains to be seen how successful P92 will be in capturing a significant portion of Twitter's user base, but it's clear that the social media landscape is set for some interesting developments in the coming months.