Final Fantasy 14 Director Reveals Plans for Future Game Expansions

Emmett Whitfield

30 Jul 2023

Final Fantasy 14 Director Reveals Plans for Future Game Expansions

Naoki Yoshida, the esteemed producer, and director behind the popular MMO RPG, Final Fantasy 14, has recently discussed his plans for future expansions of the game. Despite nearly a decade of successful updates and expansions, Yoshida hints at even more content in the pipeline for the fan-favorite game from Square Enix.

The insight into these future plans came during the annual Final Fantasy 14 FanFest, a celebration of the MMO that traditionally brings big announcements for the game. It was here that the Dawntrail expansion was unveiled, set for a summer 2024 release. This will mark the fifth expansion of the game, but Yoshida confirmed that he has plans for at least two more following its release.

Yoshida's comments came during an interview with Famitsu. When asked about the narrative progression post-Dawntrail, he refrained from revealing details but confirmed that he has at least two additional expansions in mind. He humorously added that he aims to release at least three more expansions by the time he turns 60.

After wrapping up the storyline that began in 2013 with the Endwalker expansion, the team is already hinting at the narrative for the 7.0 update. The future story's length and complexity will be determined by audience reactions, ensuring the game continues to engage and excite its players.

Newcomers to Final Fantasy 14 can take advantage of an expanded free trial, including the base game, the Heavensward expansion, and now the third expansion, Stormblood. Anticipated details about the Dawntrail expansion are expected to emerge at the London Fan Festival in October 2021 and Tokyo Fan Fest in early 2024.