Rainbow Six Siege Levels Playing Field with Significant Shotgun Upgrade

Emmett Whitfield

31 Aug 2023

Rainbow Six Siege Levels Playing Field with Significant Shotgun Upgrade

There's exciting news for all you Rainbow Six Siege players out there! Ubisoft Montreal has rolled out a newer update to the popular shooter game, effectively offering a giant boost to shotguns. This long-awaited change emerges as part of Rainbow Six Siege's ongoing update, which has stirred some heated conversations among fans.

In the realm of Rainbow Six Siege, though there's a wide range of weapons for players to arm their characters with, shotguns have struggled to make a mark for a while now. Except for the M870, other shotguns haven't been a go-to pick for players, especially when pitted against mightier adversaries. However, Ubisoft is rustling up a storm with its Year 8 Season 3 update, affectionately named 'Operation Heavy Mettle.' They aim to make a noticeable correction by enhancing the power, accuracy, and overall performance of shotguns.

Ubisoft Montreal wasted no time in implementing these changes, pushing the Y8S3 patch live on August 29. The upgrade extends to every in-game shotgun, while a few, including the ITA12L, M870, SG-CQB, and Buck's Skeleton Key, have received some extra modifications to balance their performance. Nicholas "Jynxzi" Stewart, a popular Twitch streamer, has been quick to demonstrate the potential of these changes via a TikTok video where he eliminates an opponent with just a couple of shotgun rounds, impressively from a significant distance.

However, it’s important to take note that these upgrades are not without their own constraints. Based on multiple player reviews, the new accuracy boost only kicks in when players aim down their sights while remaining stationary. Still, such an extensive upgrade to shotguns is expected to give the current game meta a facelift, particularly impacting the kind of weapons defenders choose to arm their characters with in-game. The M870 shotgun, already a favorite among many, is predicted to be a prime pick in the wake of Operation Heavy Mettle.

The initial reactions from the player community to these updates are rather mixed, with some welcoming this transformation, excited about the enhanced utility of shotguns for medium-range skirmishes, while others are apprehensive, fearing this could disrupt the spirit of the game by making it comparable to Fortnite's style rather than the tactical first-person shooter game that Rainbow Six Siege is renowned for. Regardless, these modifications, together with the latest operator named Ram in the new season, are creating quite a buzz among players. Now, only time will tell how these changes impact the game's overall dynamics and player strategies. Stay tuned!