IPhone 15 Design May Not Meet Audience Expectations

Emmett Whitfield

12 Dec 2022

IPhone 15 Design May Not Meet Audience Expectations

Recently, there has been a wave of rumors surrounding the iPhone 15's future design changes. The main speculation has been about the curved edges of the display, which have been very positively received. However, recent news indicates that this feature may not be implemented. This means that the information from the previous leak was unreliable. However, that might not really be the case. According to LeaksApplePro, who is a verified insider, a possible transition to curved edges is still under consideration and a final decision has not yet been made.

And although all previous iPhone models have always had their design approved in advance, such a delay this year is understandable due to the disrupted supply chains. It's entirely possible that Apple is serious about such a change, although it comes with a number of challenges that have caused a number of delays. Therefore, it is too early to write off curved edges, since there is still a good chance that they will be implemented. In addition to this change,

LeaksApplePro commented on the titanium case for the iPhone 15. He emphasized that if this material is used at all, then we’ll only see it on the sides of the phone. Otherwise, it will be impossible to implement wireless charging. So, the back panel will still be made of glass.

All of the aforementioned leaks should certainly be taken with a grain of salt, as they did not come from Apple, but from third-party sources. However, they seem to be quite reliable, since most of the previous leaks turned out to be true.

Despite that, in all likelihood, only the premium versions of the iPhone 15 will receive a titanium case, since it is much more expensive than an aluminum one. The curved edges are still in question, but it is believed that some models might have this feature.

Will curved edges and a titanium case appear in the iPhone 15? What are your expectations for the new iPhone model? Please share your thoughts below.