Instagram Tests Its New Pinned Posts Feature on the Platform

Greg Burn

25 Apr 2022

Instagram Tests Its New Pinned Posts Feature on the Platform

This news won’t be a surprise for many people, as Instagram has been dropping hints about the introduction of the pinning feature for a while now. The company now decided to launch a live test and see how this feature performs in real life and what users think about it.

Some users now have an opportunity to use a ‘Pin to Your Profile’ option that opens when you click on photos in your feed. The way it works is that you can select the best-performing or the most informative posts from your feed and pin them to the top. While otherwise such posts will be quickly buried under other photos if you are an active user by using this feature, your chosen posts will stay right on top.

At the moment, all users have an opportunity to make Stories and then save them to Highlights. A lot of bloggers and business owners actively use this function to make sure that the most important information is easily accessible. However, this is not the same as pinning particular posts, so this feature is surely a useful one and will be quickly picked up by users once it becomes available to everyone.

This feature first appeared back in January, but now some users can test its improved version. In the current version of the feature, it is possible to pin only three photos to the top of the feed. What is more, the social media giant is also testing a new ‘Edit Grid’ feature that will allow users to re-arrange posts whatever way they like regardless of when photos have been uploaded.

Such features will be highly useful for marketing teams and brand owners, as they offer more customization opportunities and control over how profiles look. At the moment, there is no information on when such features will be fully available.

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