Instagram Rolls Out New Broadcast Chat Feature 'Channels' by Meta Platforms

Emmett Whitfield

17 Feb 2023

Instagram Rolls Out New Broadcast Chat Feature 'Channels' by Meta Platforms

Social media platform Instagram, owned by Meta Platforms, is set to launch a new broadcast chat feature called Channels. This is according to company CEO Mark Zuckerberg who announced the new feature on Thursday.

The new Channels feature allows content creators on Instagram to connect with their audience through full-length conversations or short broadcasts that can be watched live or on demand later. It also gives them an opportunity to monetise their presence on the platform with different revenue streams, such as subscriptions or donations from viewers. In addition, they can sell digital collectables directly within Instagram, powered by blockchain technology and represented as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Users who want to show support for creators will have access to NFT markets where they can bid for digital works created by them, including images, videos, music and more. Furthermore, users who purchase these tokens can use them across other apps like games and marketplaces, thus creating a whole ecosystem. This move will enable influencers and other social media personalities to cash in on advertising dollars generated from these platforms. It also puts Instagram in direct competition with TikTok and other similar services regarding talent acquisition.

As well as allowing for NFT trading within its platform, Instagram has also been gradually introducing more ways for users make money off of their content creation activities over time. Last year saw the introduction of features such as ‘badges’ – purchasable icons which followers can use show support or appreciation towards a particular creator – and ‘shops’, which allow creators sell products directly through an in-app storefront or link out elsewhere on their profile page.

Other recent updates have included live streaming capabilities so that people can engage with each other while broadcasting over video calls; integration with music streaming service Spotify so that people can share snippets of tracks they are listening too via stories; and various interactive tools like polls which allow people take part in surveys without ever leaving the main feed page interface viewable from both desktop web browsers and mobile devices alike.

All this points towards an increasing focus from Meta Platforms in providing greater opportunities for its userbase monetize their presence online through participation activities such as creating digital artworks using augmented reality tools or even designing custom filters for others download onto their phones if desired - something made even easier now thanks to the introduction this week's Channels broadcast chat feature.