Instagram Is to Allow Pinning Posts Above the Grid in Your Profile

Samanta Blumberg

04 May 2022

Instagram Is to Allow Pinning Posts Above the Grid in Your Profile

TechCrunch leaked a juicy tidbit regarding the new Instagram feature that is currently being tested among a select number of platform users. According to the popular tech tabloid, the US-based photo and video sharing social networking giant are now giving a trial run to a novel feature that should enable users to pin posts at the top of their Instagram profiles above the rest of the grid. Some Instagramers already have a new context menu item, "Pin to your profile," available.

The functionality will work similarly to Twitter's pinned tweets and TikTok’s pinned videos, giving enhanced visibility to the content you find most relevant. With its help, specific posts will appear pinned at the top of the profile, and content creators will be able to attract the attention of subscribers to crucial entries without forcing people to scroll through the entire grid.

This novelty should help solve a nagging problem that frequent Instagram publishers face: when posting a lot of content regularly, some essential things can get lost and forgotten in the grid, so it might take a lot of time and dedication to dig those out again. The proposed change will give active Instagram posters a handy tool to customize their profiles more easily. When and if implemented, the “Pin to your profile” option will let you do what Instagram Story Highlights already do – more specifically – organize meaningful content in a more streamlined way.

What is unknown yet is how many slots the platform will allocate for pinned posts or when the functionality will unroll for a broader audience. Hopefully, it will not be long before the helpful tweak is out and free for anyone to use.

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