Facebook Adds New Feature That Will Allow You to Add Music to Your Comments

Samanta Blumberg

27 Apr 2022

Facebook Adds New Feature That Will Allow You to Add Music to Your Comments

Facebook has come up with a new feature that surely surprised a lot of users. The platform developed a new feature that allows people to look for music clips on Facebook and then add them to comments.

Right now, Facebook users started getting a pop-up in the app that informs them about this possibility. The way this feature works is quite similar to how you can add stickers to your comments. All you need is to tap on the music note icon located right next to your comment. You will see a search bar that you can use to find specific music tracks that are supposed to add more depth and context to your comments. Just like you are used to sending hilarious GIFs to your friends, you can use the same approach with music and use tracks like audio memes.

Right now, it’s difficult to tell whether the new feature will find any fans on the platform. While people are already used to posting stickers and GIFs, the addition of music may seem too much. The use of images is a lot more obvious and unless you are a huge music geek, this feature will probably remain unused.

It’s not the first time that Facebook tried offering music-related features. In 2018, the company allowed users to pin songs to their Facebook profiles, but their plan failed. Having a track in your profile takes you right to the good old days of MySpace where people could pin their favorite music and surprise others with their choices.

We still have to see whether the new feature survives the scrutiny of active Facebook users. Who knows, it may become just as popular as GIFs or it may be soon removed from the platform. Right now, only some users can see this feature, as it is still in its testing stage.

What do you think about this addition? Is it a useful one in your opinion? Please, share your thoughts in the comment section below!