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Google Hangouts Meet is a feature provided by Google that allows people to have video conferences. It is free to use and is available in the Google App for Android, iOS, and the web. Hangouts Meet is a new communication tool from Google. It is incorporated with all the features of Hangouts, but with some added features which make it more useful for meetings. The features make it easy to connect with video conferencing, chat, and document editing.


Hangouts Meet is an application that allows for video conferencing through the application. It is free to use and is available in the Google App for Android, iOS, and the web. It is accessible from any device with an internet connection and an active Google account. It also allows for up to 30 people to be in one video conference.

Individuals can schedule meetings, have screensharing, share their screens, and have virtual meetings.

Hangouts Meet is one such tool. It offers video conferencing and screen sharing, and is integrated with Google Drive and Google Docs. It also offers a chat feature, which allows users to chat with other participants in the conference as well as send messages to individuals in the meeting. Meetings may be scheduled and rescheduled, and a user will be notified of any changes.


The design of the app is simple and minimalist. It is fairly easy to use and provides a clean interface. The design of Hangouts Meet is very simple, with a white background and a sidebar of features.

Information about usability

The app is fairly easy to use, but it has some drawbacks. It is free to use but does have some limitations. For example, the app does not allow for document or file sharing which can be a disadvantage. Hangouts Meet is relatively easy to set up. It only took one click to get signed up. It also includes an Attendee List, which allows for the easy organization of a meeting.


  • Hangouts Meet is free to use
  • Hangouts Meet is available in three different platforms
  • Users can schedule meetings
  • Users can have screensharing
  • Users can share their screens
  • Hangouts Meet allows for up to 30 people in one video conference
  • Users can have virtual meetings
  • Users can share with others outside of the conference


  • Does not allow for document or file sharing
  • Does not allow for video chat or text chat
  • Does not allow for whiteboard or drawing
  • Does not allow for video recording
  • Des not allow for audio recording


Hangouts Meet is a video conferencing service that is available on multiple devices and is free and easy to use. It has some drawbacks, but overall it is a good app.

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